We can perform almost any cleaning duties you ask us to do inside or outside your home.

1000 square feet per hour

Since our charge is by the hour, the total cost will reflect what needs to be done. On average, a 2 person crew normally covers about 1,000 square feet per hour for a normal routine cleaning in a maintained home that we clean on a regular basis.

Hourly Rates

  • Our charge is $40 per team member/ per hour
  • On initial cleans and deep cleans we use 3 to 4 team members ($120-$160 per hour)
  • On basic cleans we use 2 team members ($80 per hour)

 * Keep in mind that we can create a list of priorities to customize to fit your budget. The minimum cost per clean is $80.

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Tomara's team separates themselves by accommodating customer requests at an affordable price, and offering a trust worthy dependable service with a smile!

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